Financial Help for People with Mesothelioma

The Steinberg Law Group works strictly on a contingency fee basis; you owe nothing unless money is recovered for you. Robert L. Steinberg has co-counseled and has been jointly responsible for over Four Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars ($450,000,000) in settlements for clients across America.

Initial Meeting:
We meet you at the place of your choice – usually your home. Mr. Steinberg and one of his colleagues will personally meet you, regardless of where you live.

Develop Financially Responsible Parties:
During our initial meeting we will develop as many of the products you were exposed to by using pictures to help you identify asbestos-containing products. In some cases, we will request former co-workers help us identify products which have been forgotten over the years. If necessary, we will place ads in local newspapers to locate long-forgotten co-workers.

Work-Up of Case:
After our initial product identification meeting, we will have our staff research additional suppliers and potentially solvent defendants to bring suit against. Many cases involve suing over 25 different companies. Companies settle at different times and for different amounts over periods ranging from several months to a few years. Settlement times depend on where we are able to file the lawsuit for you. States vary on how fast we can move the case through the court system. Once retained, we see to it that you get the most money in the shortest possible time.

Minimal Involvement For You:
Unless you want to actively participate in the lawsuit, including trial, your only involvement will be the initial meeting and a deposition. A deposition is simply a questions and answer session. The deposition will be scheduled, usually in your home, where the representatives of the companies involved will have an opportunity to ask questions about your exposure to the companies’ product(s). We will be at the deposition with you to protect your rights.

Our Track Record Benefits You:
Robert L. Steinberg has co-counseled and has been jointly responsible for over Four Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars ($450,000,000.00) in settlements for clients and their families across America.

Most cases settle before trial. As settlement offers come in from each defendant company, based on our experience we will make recommendations to you to either accept or reject the settlement offers. Remember, the case is yours, not ours, and we will proceed to trial against each non-settling defendant if that is your wish.

The Law Office of Robert L. Steinberg’s goal is to obtain for you as much money as possible, and do it as quickly as the law allows. We limit the number of asbestos-related cases we accept and give each client the time and attention necessary to build the strongest possible case. From the moment you retain us we work hard to advance your case as rapidly as possible, and develop the evidence needed to get settlement money from the asbestos companies we sue.

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