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“I thank you for your sense of compassion. I hope that you’ll be able to fight “the good fight” for several years to come against those who assist and contribute to the pain and suffering caused by asbestos containing products.”

~ Suzanne T.

“My family and I would like to thank you for all the kindness and compassion you have shown us when we unexpectedly lost my father to mesothelioma. The information and books that you had sent us, have been a great source of knowledge and reference. Not only did the material enlighten us, but it also provided us a sense of comfort and security. You are truly an advocate for those who can no longer speak! I could not say enough about how valuable you have been to us throughout this experience!”

~ Tina W.

“I wish my husband Brian and I had been represented by such a man as Robert Steinberg.

It was heartening to meet someone who not only has a passion for justice but also has a heart which clearly aches for those who are dealing with the physical and emotional pain cause by mesothelioma.”

~ Lorraine Kember | Author, Lean on Me…Cancer Through a Carer’s Eyes

“Thank you for flying in to meet me to discuss my veteran with Mesothelioma…and helping the family with their Mesothelioma case.”

~ Gary Locke | Georgia Dept. of Veteran’s Service, Retired

“Robert, I want to thank you for all of the work you did on my case. I appreciate the way you took the time to personally explain the process to me and respond to all of my questions. And I am very pleased with the end result…”

~ Jon M.

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